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The stock you bought only a couple of months ago with high hopes suddenly plunges on some bad news, like lower-than-expected earnings. We have all been there. It's not fun, but it is part of the game. Ben, one of my readers, asked me how to deal with such gnarly situations, and that is exactly what this article is all about.

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Value investors like Warren Buffett have only two goals: 1) find excellent businesses and 2) determine what they are worth. But in order to determine what a company is worth, you will have to predict how fast the business will be able to grow its earnings in the future. How to come up with a realistic growth rate for your intrinsic value calculations is what this post is all about.

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This is the second edition of the ongoing Money Reports I'm writing each month to discuss the developments regarding the blog and my investments, as well as lessons I've learned during the month. At the end of the reports I share my plans for the upcoming month, both to get you excited and to keep myself on course.

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When I asked my readers if there was a topic they wanted me to write a blog post about, Carlos urged me to explain how to know if the stock market is under- or overvalued. I'm guessing more people are interested in knowing the answer to this, so here it is.

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It is obviously very easy to shout from the sidelines that our current education system is, to put it at its mildest, seriously flawed. Therefore I will describe in detail why I absolutely believe this to be the case. 

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