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Drastically improve your returns with our daily analysis and ranking of 16.378 stocks

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Find the best value stocks

Quickly see which stocks rank highest based on multiple time-tested value investing criteria.

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Get off to a flying start each day with a fresh list of top stocks delivered to your inbox.

Intrinsic Value

See your expected rate of return

Know at a glance what returns you can expect thanks to our intrinsic value estimates.

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Financial data
Financial data

Access key financial data with a single click

Click on a stock in the list for a price graph and key statistics panel so you can continue your research.

Market Valuation

Know if the market is over- or undervalued

Find out how the market as a whole is valued compared to the total market cap of all stocks.

Market valuation
CSV export
CSV Export

Use the results in your spreadsheets

Export the entire list with 16,000+ stocks as CSV so you can work with the data in a spreadsheet.

Multiple Countries

Discover Value Worldwide

Identify the best stocks from the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Australia, India, Singapore, and Hong Kong

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Joshua M. Salas 5
Value Fund Manager

As a professional investor I am always looking for an edge, and Nick's Value Scout delivers on this promise. The daily emails are very helpful in my constant search for hidden gems, and this is the only tool I've come across that also shows you the valuation of the market as a whole.

"Price is what you pay, value is what you get"

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