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When it comes to long-term investing, it is important that you are capable of performing an in-depth fundamental analysis of a company's financial statements to determine if a stock is a good buy or not.

And trust me, it took me a looong time to figure out how to do that correctly, and then even longer to find software to help me make this process easier.

In this article, I will briefly describe what fundamental analysis is, why it is important for investors, and features that the best stock analysis software for long-term investors needs to have.

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To forecast the value of Tesla stock might seems out of place on this website dedicated to value investing, but I've had so many people ask me about my views on Tesla (TSLA), and I have had several heated discussions with my uncles and my dad, who all believe that Tesla does not stand a chance against the big, established car companies (they're wrong!), that I felt compelled to write this article.

In this article, I explain why I, as a hardcore value investor, invested a large part of my portfolio in Tesla stock, and why I believe the company will be worth TRILLIONS by 2030.

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If you invest in stocks, you need to know how to analyze financial statements of a company, or you're simply gambling with your money. 

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"How many stocks should I own?" is a common question I receive, so I decided to write up this article, as well as create a free spreadsheet to help you out with this dilemma.

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Free stock screeners are brilliant tools for value investors to filter out the hidden gems from the thousands of available stocks, because no one has the time to sift through all of them one by one. That's why you need to focus all your attention on a few high potential stocks, and by far the best way to find these high potential stocks is to use a free stock screener.

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