On this page we cover the fixes, changes, and improvements to the Premium Value Spreadsheet.

V5.0.1 | 12-10-2023

  • Correctly apply currency conversion rate to P/E model
  • Handle case where EPS and P/E are negative, so a negative P/E model value is given
  • Fix GBX error in GOOGLEFINANCE() currency conversion rate function
  • Changed "Current share price" label to "Last close price" as the former confused some clients


V5.0.0 | 06-09-2022

  • Replaced Morningstar ratios with ratios from financial data feed, since Morningstar discontinued their API


V4.3.2 | 15-07-2022

  • Fixed several judgment bugs on the Analysis tab


V4.3.1 | 24-03-2022

  • Set exchange rate to 1 if statement currency and ticker currency are equal


V4.3.0 | 03-03-2022

  • Fix IMPORTHTML() for Morningstar data was no longer working


V4.2.6 | 14-10-2021

  • Added override field for exchange rate
  • Added support for Indonesian stocks with .JK extension


V4.2.5 | 10-06-2021

  • Adjusted DCF and ROE valuations based on exchange rate for foreign stocks
  • Added override field for Shares Outstanding


V4.2.4 | 30-03-2021

  • Added loading indicator under ticker symbol
  • Show negative numbers with a minus sign instead of between brackets
  • Added link to changelog and supported tickers


V4.2.3 | 13-07-2020


V4.2.3 | 30-03-2020

  • Added support for Australian stocks
  • Removed $ symbol, since we now support multiple countries with multiple currencies


V4.2.2 | 23-03-2020

  • Use last close price instead of calculating price based on EPS and PE ratio, since that proved to be incorrect in several cases


V4.2.1 | 15-03-2020

  • Fix companies with A and B shares not getting data from Morningstar
  • Fix wrong email message being displayed when no data is available


V4.2.0 | 05-03-2020 

  • Added support for foreign stocks (Canada, UK, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Netherlands, France, Germany)
  • Added explanation on ticker field about how to search for foreign stocks
  • Removed Google Finance dependency (price now calculated based on stats)
  • Removed YCharts dependency (avg P/E now calculated based on stats if YCharts doesn’t have the data, but YCharts is only checked for US stocks)
  • Turned line charts into area charts, and resized them for better viewing on laptop screens
  • Change color scheme and fonts to match Value Scout


V4.1.1 | 15-12-2019

  • Checked for zero operating income in enterprising profit calculation
  • Fix #DIV/0 errors if too little data for enterprising profit
  • Show message that users have to first click File > Make a Copy… 


V4.1.0 | 18-11-2019

  • Replaced login button with email field, only return data if the email filled in is of an active user
  • Added warning message in spreadsheet for incorrect login or if user is not using the latest version
  • Ability to display a promotional text inside the spreadsheet
  • Added sector field
  • Changed long term debt to total liabilities in DCF model
  • Added message if no data is available for ticker



  • !! Use IEX data from local database, and them import ONCE into the spreadsheet to circumvent importHTML() errors
  • Drastic speed improvements
  • Added last 4 quarterly statements
  • Multiple bug fixes




V3.6.2 | 5-09-2019

  • Small fix for when EBIT is not defined, use EBT instead


V3.6.1 | 15-08-2019

  • Fix login issues due to stricter PHP 7.X rules for POST requests, had not properly set JSON as type and not JSON encoded the data in the Google Script


V3.6.0 | 05-04-2019

  • Create workaround for Morningstar’s exportKR2CSV


V3.5.3 | 24-02-2019

  • Fix #DIV/0 errors by catching some “-” values
  • Fix layout of statements tab
  • Fix sector showing as #N/A
  • Fix Expected Rate of Return in case of a negative average intrinsic value


V3.5.2 | 04-06-2018

  • Fix issues with retrieving financial statements and growth estimates from Yahoo Finance


V3.5.1 | 22-03-2018

  • Fix debt reference on DCF tab
  • Small fix for retained earnings in Altman Z calculation


V3.4.7 | 30-04-2017

  • Fixed issue with industry and expected 5y growth rate not loading because Yahoo Finance changed layout of their website (also fixed these fields and the dividend yield field in the free spreadsheets)


V3.4.6 | 07-12-2016

  • Fixed issue with statements not loading due to Yahoo API no longer working for retrieving Exchange


V3.4.3 | 03-12-2014

  • Fixed some bugs with data from Yahoo Finance (industry, expected growth rate)


V3.4.2 |  14-10-2014

  • Added 10 years of key ratios from Morningstar
  • Improved graphs by adding trendline, comparing FCF and EPS in one chart, and by adding more grid lines
  • Added Expected Annual Compounding Rate of Return
  • Added back Expected Growth Rate Next 5 Years from Yahoo Finance
  • Changed median historical P/E ratio into industry average P/E ratio


V3.4.1 | 01-10-2014

  • Bug fix update because MSN Moneycentral changed the layout of their website, making the ten years of key ratios unavailable


V3.5 | 29-08-2014

  • Added function MINUTE(NOW()) to ImportHTML requests to circumvent Google caching the urls and data 


V3.4 | 01-08-2014

  • Uses NEW Google Spreadsheets. For benefits, see: https://support.google.com/docs/answer/3541068?hl=en 
  • Fix dates on 10 year key statistics data
  • Changed DCF to also subtract Total Debt before calculating value per share
  • Improved sustainable growth rate used in ROE calculation
  • Added reverse DCF
  • Added overrides for growth rates, P/E, average estimate, and EPS
  • Improved charts with dates and grid lines
  • Price from subscription to one-time fee



  • Added login button and scripts to ensure only people who have a valid subscription can use the spreadsheet



  • Bugfixes: MSN Moneycentral updated the layout of their 10 Year Summary table, which messed up the entire spreadsheet



  • Added 4 years of financial statement data
  • Added Altman Z Score
  • Added Earnings Power calculations, including Debt Repayment Period, Quality of Profits & Earnings Power Chart
  • Fundamental analysis is expanded to include the above mentioned changes, as well as FCF yield and Asset Turnover Change (%)
  • Updated the dashboard to display the expanded fundamental analysis, and added some flexibility to the scoring system by allowing users to set a weight for each part of the fundamental analysis to indicate which factors are most important for their specific strategy



  • Updated DCF model. It was growing COH, which it shouldn’t since all COH growth comes from future FCF’s. This means we were counting this growth double. Thanks to Mark Gahagan for pointing this out
  • Moved the 2nd MSN table next to the first, because sometimes the tables got messed up when a wrong ticker symbol was entered
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