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Hi, I'm Nick, nice to meet you! I'm from the infamous city of Amsterdam, and on a mission to educate people like yourself in the mysterious art of value investing, the strategy of the investment greats.

I'm not a millionaire (yet), and I do not pretend to know everything (I don't), but because I started investing at a very young age, I do already have over ten years of experience in the markets and have grown convinced that value investing is the only logical way to consistently earn above-average returns on the stock market while minimizing downside risk.


During middle school I was sitting next to a good friend of mine, who now happens to be my accountant. Back then, he told me that his father was investing in stocks and tried explaining to me how it worked. "You pick a stock, put some money in, and then after a while you get more money out." Wow! Where can I sign up?!

I searched the internet and found out I had to open a brokerage account, which was only allowed if my parents consented, since I wasn't even close to being 18 years old yet. With blind trust in their son they signed the form and I was ready to lose some money! Because I did. I lost nearly half my savings. I was devastated.

I lost all this money because I did not have a strategy and actually hardly knew what a stock was. I would just look at the list of available stocks, and if I found a company which I knew, so if the company had a name I had heard before, I would put all my savings in it. Not really a solid strategy, huh? That's when I realized I needed to educate myself, and what better person to learn from than from the best investor of all time?

When I first encountered Warren Buffett and his value investing strategy, it immediately made so much sense to me. I felt like I had found the holy grail. This was it! The more I read books on the subject, like The Intelligent Investor and Buffettology, the clearer the path to consistent returns became. I soon felt confident enough to start applying the strategy with the money I had left. That's when the Financial Crisis happened…

My portfolio shrank another 30%, but this time I wasn't devastated, because value investing had given met the tools to deal with situations like this. Buffett's teachings had convinced me that declining stock prices offer unique opportunities to buy great companies at discount prices. Because I was able to keep my eye on the ball, the actual performance and value of a company, I was able to emerge victorious.

Even the companies I bought just before the Crisis at the peak of the stock market in 2007 have earned me a handsome return, because I bought them at a low enough price. Overall, my portfolio has returned around 20% annually since I started applying a rigorous value investing strategy. I'm definitely not trying to show off here, just trying to be transparent. 


As you can tell from my story, I have made some costly mistakes in the past. I lost half my saving for crying out loud! I simply do not want you to make the same mistakes I made. For me personally, I believe that education is the very first step to great returns. You shouldn't just buy into anyone's crap, not even my crap, or purchase some expensive "system" which promises to help you beat the market without any prior investment knowledge.

No, you should instead read, observe, learn, and then form your own understanding of the stock market. This is step #1, and I want to help you with this step by creating valuable resources like videos, blog posts, eBooks, podcasts, webinars, online courses, free & premium spreadsheets, and a weekly newsletter full of exclusive tips and content.

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