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Which investment resources I use on a daily basis? Well, I created a list for you which covers most of them, including books, blogs, tools and more.

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Mr. Market is a fictitious character described by the father of value investing, Benjamin Graham, in his influential book The Intelligent Investor. This metaphor for the stock market will radically change the way you look at investing.

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Margin of Safety are the three most important words in investing according to master investor Warren Buffett. But what does he mean with a Margin of Safety and why is it so important? Find out in my new video!
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Diversification is a hot topic amongst investors. In this post I explain why accepted financial models are painfully inadequate to help you determine your optimal portfolio allocation strategy and what you should do instead.

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This video unravels some secrets about money which schools do not teach you. You will learn why the rich get richer and you don't, how you can avoid and fix financial problems, and how you can build significant wealth by letting money work for you!

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